Before We Die

Episode 4

Season 1 Episode 4 | 46m 55s  | Video has closed captioning.  | Video has audio description

Davor tells Bianca that Stefan has gone to Croatia, but she works out what has really happened to him and makes a proposal to Christian. Traumatized by what he's done and hopelessly tangled up in the undercover police investigation, Christian opts instead to take a trip with Davor that will reveal everything he needs to know about "Operation Krajina."

Aired: 04/10/22

Expires: 03/19/29

Rating: TV-MA

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Funding for Before We Die is provided by Viking.

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More 'Before We Die'

"Before We Die" is a breathless crime thriller, full of heart-stopping jeopardy and unpredictable twists. It is adapted from the hit Swedish series of the same name, also streaming on PBS.

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